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Student actors learning to make "The Sound".

The Classroom

In the early days of the Covid Pandemic, the studio suspended in-person instruction in favor of remote learning. While this was not ideal, we considered the safety of students and staff far more important than anything else. Now that vaccines have become widely available in New York City, we have decided to resume in-person classes beginning in September of 2021.  We will continue to offer remote instruction to students residing outside the city at a discounted rate.  

Students work on the Core Exercises of the 12 Step Method in succession. These exercises are done individually but occasionally they may intersect with another student in the classroom environment. This means that after the relaxation period, students share the studio space as they work on their individual exercises, so while student A is working on exercise #1, student B might be working on exercise #3. This process allows the students to move through the foundation work more quickly but it also helps deepen their powers of concentration.

As students progress through the twelve core exercises, they explore ways to incorporate those skills into ongoing scene work with different scene partners. For example, student A has recently been working with a sensory person and they will work towards layering that sensory person onto their actual scene partner. This is known as “working with a substitution.” Advanced students will have the ability to juggle multiple sensory elements in a scene at the same time. This is the eventual goal of Method training in that it provides the actor with a specific way to work, as well as specific tools to work with. A fully trained Method actor always produces work that is multi-layered, rich and uniquely real because they are drawing on their own emotional truth to fuel it. 

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