Learn more about our 12 Step Method by attending a FREE online workshop or one in person in NYC.

"The workshop process let me move my energy and find my creative voice in a whole new way."

Discover the 12 Step Method in our Experimental Workshops

Workshops are typically in the Ripley-Grier Studios but for now we are working remotely. 

** There is no fee for our workshops.    Want to join?  Write us at 12stepmethod@gmail.com 

Weekly PLAYREADING Workshop

Each Monday our actors gather to read both established and also original plays.  This workshop is geared for both actors and our evolving circle of playwrights. 

Bi-Monthly MONOLOGUE Workshop

Every two weeks our actors get together to experiment with & expand their monologue portfolios. This is a rolling workshop comprised of past students and present. ** This workshop is currently open to auditors looking to explore the studio's work.  


Monthly INTRO TO THE METHOD Workshop

Once a month, we offer an introductory class in the 12 Step Method, for both actors and non-actors. In two hours, Glenn English will take you thru exercises of relaxation, how to discover tension and release it via "the Sound". You'll also learn the basic principles of Sense Memory Work. 

Join us for our FREE Workshop in "Empathy Building with Acting". 

Monday, December 6, 6-7:30 pm, GMT.  Get a free ticket @ www.eventbrite.com  

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