Glenn English coaches actors at all levels, beginner, advanced and working professionals.

Private Coaching

"Wherever you are in your career, we work with you collaboratively, give you the tools you need to bring your personal power to the forefront. We create a safe environment, where your talent is coupled with technique. Armed with that, your full potential is already within your grasp."

- Glenn English

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 For students looking to work outside the box, we offer coaching virtual sessions in different formats. Glenn currently offers private coaching for actors working in stage, film & TV. He also coaches clients working in advertising, litigation and broadcast journalism who use the 12 Step Method for career growth. We work with non-actors in the specific areas of vocal development, relaxation, a greater facility with the spoken word. 



Stories From Students

Former students of Glenn English

Contact me using the form below or at  You can also catch me on Skype at glennenglishnyc or WhatsApp me

at +1 646 286 4465.

Former student of Glenn English

Kate Thigpen

The Knick, No Time to Die

"Glenn's class is the one I was always looking for but didn't think was out there. He's helped me take bigger chances in my work than I ever thoguht possible.  " 

Wayne Liu

The Blacklist, Law & Order 

"When I first got to class I wasn't sure what to expect, I'd heard a lot of things about Method acting but Glenn totally put me at ease. As time went by, it all made perfect sense, it really is the best way to work as an actor."    

Former student of Glenn English

Rene Rosen

Odd Mom Out, Daredevil 

"This has been the most productive work I've ever done as an actor. Training with Glenn has opened up my voice, my body and given me a new level of confidence." 

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